Everyone know how stressful is when it comes to travel. Many of you may have more thing to bring in that suitcase, but almost nobody can fit everything into 23kg bag. Have you already experienced how stressful it is? or are you reading this article because you don’t know which items to bring with you? Well, you are in the correct place! I’ve been in your place 10 years ago, when I started to travel. Even though, many people think that we have to carry everything from our house, actually just few essentials we need to pack to travel. Many expert travellers will agree with me due to their experience. In this article you will learn the ultimate packing list you need to travel.

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Here are our ultimate packing list:

  1. Our first Toothbrush & Toothpaste
  2. Shampoo & Body Wash or Soap. (My suggestion is to bring soap bar as a body wash so, in case you won’t have a washing machine you can clean your lingerie with the soap bar).
  3. Do you have a dry skin? Then don’t forget to bring some winter cream for dry skin.
  4. One or Two jackets (depend on how long you are travelling to). I usually bring one jacket for 15 days and the second for long travelling.
  5. Five to Eight T-shirts or shirts or you can make it with 3 T-shirts and 3 Shirts (if you are flying to business & travel). Don’t forget to check the weather of where you are travelling to. It will help you to reduce your unnecessary items. If it is winter, you can bring 3 T-shirts with 3 sweaters for 7/8 days.
  6. Are you a person who sweats a lot? Then don’t forget to bring deodorant with you. (better if it is small)
  7. One pair of shoes or Two (depend on how long you are travelling to). I usually bring one pair for 15 days and the second pair for long travelling. It is highly recommend checking the weather of the place/country you are travelling to. During the winter, I suggest to bring one pair of sneakers and pair of waterproof shoes.
  8. I always suggest bringing some snack with you on flight, especially if the flights’ hours are longer than 5 hours. (I usually bring some cashew nuts with me so, I don’t starve and hurt my body making the perfect environment for the gastritis). Bring refill water bottle with you from home so, you can drink it until you will pass the security scanner. If your airport have fountain to refill it, you can use it on flight as well. Otherwise, you can use this refill water bottle in the country you are travelling to, instead of buying expensive plastic water bottles every time you are thirsty. KEEP CLEAN YOUR WORLD!
  9. If you are looking to travel and try traditional and local dishes you can skip this tip. You can save lot of money by cooking yourself. You don’t have to cook 3 meals a day! I suggest preparing some good break fast as it will keep your whole day nice and full of energy. It won’t just refill your stomach, but it will refresh your energy and it will keep your mood through the day. You can save lot of money by preparing lunch or dinner as well. It is not just saving money, but sometimes we take small bites when we are outside. So, coming home after a long day, you may need something you are used to. This is why I always bring some rice packets with me or some pasta packets. Of course, you cannot eat just plain pasta and rice, this is why I suggest you bring bottle of souse and tuna tins so you can mix both and prepare dish of pasta. If you are a rice fan, you can buy some eggs/avocados/chicken breast and obviously things you like to prepare and eat from grocery shops around and in this case, you can save some weight on suitcase as well.
  10. Last but not least, my suggestion is to bring some cash with you other than credit cards with you. The reason I suggest you to bring some cash is because, in some countries they don’t accept our visa or MasterCard. In fact, in the Netherlands supermarkets like Albert Heijn don’t accept Mastercard’s.
  11. At the end to keep everything on track, I suggest you to bring a portable charger if you are a phone addicted person.

Of course, don’t forget to bring:

  1. Passport
  2. Driver’s license
  3. Pyjamas
  4. Some tissues to clean your nose or hands / wet tissues are highly recommended.
  5. Reusable bags or some plastic bags.
  6. Backpack to bring with you everywhere you go.

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